Will you be my motivational valentines ?

Will you be my motivational valentines ?

At Motivational Clothing, we are fully committed to helping you stay focused on your gym training. Not only do we provide an array of comfortable, durable gym clothing, but we also have a podcast and a YouTube channel designed to keep you motivated on your fitness goals.

But sometimes, what you really need is a gym buddy, someone to spot you and help you stick to your goals.

Having someone accompanying you to the gym is one of the most effect forms of motivation. Workout partners not only increase the likelihood that you will stick to your routine but they also make sure that you enjoy your workout. They can also become a bit of healthy competition, which is itself a fantastic way to be inspired to get fit.

How to choose, and become, a great gym partner

What many people don’t realise is that the person who becomes your gym partner doesn’t necessarily have to be your best friend, or even your friend outside of the training space. Instead, they need to be the person who you will not want to disappoint by skipping a training session or by cutting back on your routine unnecessarily.

Such a partner needs to meet a few criteria, and so do you if you intend to keep a gym buddy.

  1. You need to be committed to staying in touch, so that you can remind one another when to hit the gym or what routine you will be tackling. You can also arrange wake-up calls if you like to fit in an early morning session.
  2. You should both always be on time. Nothing kills motivation like having to wait for your partner to turn up.
  3. You should challenge each other to take on new routines and tougher workouts, when you are ready.
  4. You should both be able to consistently remind each other of your goals.
  5. You should encourage each other through rough periods when motivation might be low or when either of you are ill.

If you are the kind of person who lacks motivation, trying out this method might just provide you with what you need to get back into a routine and get your training sessions back on track.

Why buy your gym clothing from Motivational Clothing?

While having the right gym partner is going to be a fantastic form of motivation for you, so will having the best possible gym wear. With a range of hoodies, t-shirts, women’s sets, shorts and leggings, and tank tops, as well as collections for each season, Motivational Clothing has plenty for you to look through.

Our UK gym clothing is sourced from the most reputable suppliers and we’ve made sure that our clothing is made to last.

When you put on your Motivational Clothing, you are sure to look good, feel good and get motivated to get out there and make the most of your workout. You can shop our collection online today by heading over to our online store where you can place your order and make your payment. And remember, we offer free shipping to our UK based clients.