The Beginning of Motivational Clothing

The Beginning of Motivational Clothing

The Origins of Motivational Clothing Gym Wear and Apparel

Welcome to our new venture!


With a podcast, YouTube channel, and a clothing brand that embraces health and an active lifestyle, Motivational Clothing is the brainchild of the talented, entrepreneurial go-getter and health conscious lifestyle advocate, Cameron Young.

In 2019, having been on his own health voyage and along the way having discovered various tips and techniques to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, Cameron came to the realisation that one of the biggest helps when it comes to weight loss and getting fit, had to do with motivation.

Motivation, and inspiration, is not only a reason to jump out of bed in the morning, ready to conquer a busy day, but it is also a reason to keep pushing through intensive workout routines and a gruelling gym schedule.

In January 2020, Cameron’s life looked very different to what he has built today. He was working as a successful magician, looking forward to a year that was up until then booked full of shows. As he appeared on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, he had no idea of the pandemic that was about to change his whole world, and ultimately lead him down a completely different path to what he had envisioned for his life.

The pandemic lockdown brought his promising career as an entertainer to a halt, and all of the shows, all 110 of them were cancelled overnight.


With such a shock, Cameron became depressed, and he lost the one thing that had pushed him throughout his career; he lost his motivation. And with that loss of motivation as well as having a lockdown which closed gyms, Cameron found that his health was being negatively affected.

He turned to food for comfort and put back on the weight that he had worked so hard to lose.

One day, he came across a bunch of motivational videos which became the trigger that he needed to shift his focus, and which would serve as the inspiration behind the company. 

He experienced a light bulb moment and Motivational Clothing was born.

To get the brand off the ground, he realised the best way forward would be to get his hands on the website domain name for Motivational Clothing but soon realised that such a feat would be difficult as the name had already been taken.

As if fate was playing him the perfect hand, within 4 weeks of his light bulb moment, the domain name became available and using his connections and his background in marketing, the website went live just a few months later with a full catalogue of clothing sourced from the best suppliers and featuring his unique designs.

The company is now only a month old but it has been off to an exceptional start. And along with the clothing, Cameron is sharing his business tips as well as his motivational inspiration and techniques to get fit and stay fit.

Follow along on this extraordinary adventure built out of the embers of an unexpected moment by subscribing to hisYouTube channel or by giving your support by getting your hands on some of the most comfortable gym and training clothing here.